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Art and Design



Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso



At Coppetts Wood we want to inspire our pupils with a love and appreciation of art. We believe a high-quality art education stimulates creativity and self-expression whilst offering pupils opportunities to develop personally, intellectually and emotionally. Our aim is to provide a rich and stimulating art and design curriculum which allows pupils to explore their ideas and imagination and equips them with the necessary skills and techniques to bring these ideas to life. Our teaching in art and design promotes cultural awareness as children learn how art both reflects and contributes to the culture, history and richness of our world. Pupils will learn about significant artists and artistic movements from a variety of different traditions and be encouraged to examine their own work critically, suggesting ways to improve and build on what they have produced.



Art is taught in two blocked art weeks and one art day per academic year. The curriculum map outlines the focus for each year group. Our art and design programme of study encompasses four strands:


- Generating Ideas Pupils are encouraged to generate and develop their own original ideas and to describe their thoughts and feelings about how their artwork might develop. In Key Stage 2 children will use a sketchbook to record ideas, observations and plan their work.   


- Making Over the course of each Key Stage the children will have opportunities to progress their skills in a variety of different techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, collage and digital media. We provide pupils with opportunities to work on both small and large scales and to work both individually and collaboratively.


 - Evaluating A key strand of our art and design education is to help pupils evaluate, understand and improve their work. Pupils are supported to self-assess, express preferences and discuss their intentions.


- Knowledge As part of each art week project, children will research, discuss and begin to critically evaluate the work of significant artists, craftspeople, architects and designers.

Pupils are introduced to the visual elements of art: colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. These are used to structure personal responses to examples of artwork. The children are explicitly taught art vocabulary during each art week in order that they can talk about their work and that of others with increasing confidence and clarity.   



After each art week we will hold an informal exhibition to celebrate the pupils’ achievements.

Examples of work, photos and pupil comments are collated in the Art Portfolio. This is updated after every art week or day with evidence from all classes. This provides an overview of attainment and progression across the year groups. Additional photographic evidence is stored in the Art folder on our school network. 

Here are some examples of art work from across the school