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This week was Online Safety Week at Coppetts Wood. In Supernova Class, we have been revisiting the SMART rules and looking at how search engines work. We have realised that not everything on the internet is true...


To prove this, we combined our Online Safety work with Microsoft Word and Science, and made posters about the 'Tree Octopus' (a fictitious animal that was created as an internet hoax by a writer in 1998). We also made posters about the 7 characteristics of living things using the MRS GREN mnemonic. In the process, we learnt how to change fonts styles, font sizes, font colours, underline text, make it bold and italic, highlight text, insert photos, copy and paste photos from the internet, insert text boxes, format text boxes and photos, give them borders and change/use colours to create an attractive piece of work. 


We really enjoyed our week of Computing!