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Day 2 to 4: Tuesday to Thursday. 12.05.20 to 14.05.20

1. Read the story, and/or listen to one of Discover’s Story Builders reading the story you created.


You can watch Discover Story Builder Diana tell this story by clicking this link:

2. Create an illustration (drawing). These are the instructions from Discover:


If your first name begins with a letter between A-J, draw an illustration for blue pages.


If your first name begins with a letter between K-S, draw an illustration for red pages.


If your first name begins with a letter between T-Z, draw an illustration for green pages.

Tips for Illustrating:

  • Use white paper only.
  • Use A4 paper. The pages in the printed book will be square, so for best results, fold or cut the A4 paper into a square and fill the square with a colourful illustration.
  • Use lots of colours.
  • Use felt tip pens when creating your illustration as it will make your drawing stand out even more in the book.
  • Do not include speech bubbles or labels in the picture.
  • Below your drawing(s), note the number(s) of the page(s) you’ve illustrated.


3. Bonus task: Submit an extra illustration for the cover. Please email this to Ms Hurree using 2Email. Discover will pick their favourite.


4. Either take a photograph or scan your illustration (drawing), and email it to Ms Hurree using 2Email by the end of the week (at the latest, please).


Do you have extra time? Complete a few more drawings. It is very important to write below each drawing the number of the page you've drawn a picture for. All drawings are to be emailed to Ms Hurree using 2Email.  It cannot be guaranteed that all extra drawings will be used as Discovery will decide…but you never know! smiley


Early finishers: Begin the English lesson for Day 5 (Friday – 15.05.20).