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Day 4: Thursday 11.06.20

laugh Task 1) Comment on your classmates’ posts on our ‘Whole School Challenges’ blog on Purple Mash. If you are struggling, read Lian’s and Tegan’s comments - they are supportive and just lovely! yes


laugh Task 2) In honour of Tegan’s and Levente’s brilliant Home Reading efforts, a new blog has been created asking that all important question…"So, what are you reading?" Your task is to write a post for this blog, sharing what you have been reading at home.


1) Log on to Purple Mash, and click on 'Sharing' (green globe icon on the top left-hand corner of the page).

2) Click on the grey tab called ‘Shared Blogs’, and click on ”So, what are you reading?"

3) Read all the information on the page. Click on ‘How to Use This Blog!’ and read all the information here.

4) When you are ready to create your post for the blog, click on the button which has a white addition sign on a green background (top right-hand corner of the page). This is the ‘Add Post’ button.

5) Your task is to write a post for this blog, sharing what you have been reading at home. Think of a title and write a short summary. Remember to proofread your post for sense and correct SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). 

6) Click in the box called ‘content’. You can write more text in this box if you like. If you hover your mouse over an icon, it will tell you what it does.

yes To add a picture: click on ‘Add image’.

yes To add a short video: click on ‘Embed Iframe’.

yes Finally, click ‘save’ (purple button on the bottom right-hand corner of the page).


Voila! wink Your post now appears on our blog…and for the BEST part…you can comment on each other’s posts – how wonderful!


Top tip: click on the purple house icon (top left-hand corner of the page) to bring you back to the main blog page.