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Design and Technology



We want our children to develop the confidence and skills necessary to research, design, make and evaluate design and technology ideas. Across the primary phase with us we aims for them to develop their technical knowledge of mechanisms and control systems, structures, textiles and food/nutrition. We want them to be inspired by technological advances, but also to learn that solutions to problems faced by people may often be simple and inexpensive, and that they, too, can become innovative designers.  We want children to realise that D.T. has a role in all our lives and is making something for somebody for some purpose.



D.T. is taught as a blocked lesson across a week, three times a year. The curriculum map for D.T. outlines which units are taught.

Every unit should:

- Start with a research based lesson looking at a range of products similar to the one the class will be making. Children should describe, name, compare and identify similarities and differences and use technical vocabulary to explain how products work

- Have opportunities to design their product and practise skills before designing their final product. When designing with a partner, children should share ideas through exploring, listening, reflecting, evaluating and clarifying

- Include making the product following their design

- End with an evaluation of the product they have made.

Children are encouraged to use technical vocabulary throughout the project.

Planning for the D.T. units is on the Medium Objective Termly Plans and is supported by Plan Bee files and Projects on a Page which are all in the shared area in the D and T folder.

Other resources are kept in the D.T. cupboard.

Teachers are expected to consider any health and safety risks before a unit and carry out a risk assessment if necessary. Teachers will teach the safe use of tools and equipment and supervise their use. Hygiene and cleanliness will be actively promoted in any activities involving food, e.g. food surfaces should be cleaned before use, hands should be washed, etc.



Children’s work should be placed in the D.T. folder which moves up the children every year. This provides an overview of attainment and progression. Photos should be stored in the D.T. folder in the shared area under the relevant year group and topic. The D.T. leader will keep a portfolio to show attainment and progression across the key stages.  Children are encouraged to make personal assessments of their own work through evaluating activities and identifying what they need to improve. Teachers note those children significantly above or below expectations at the end of a unit. Assessment of children will include consideration of their competencies in problem solving, teamwork, negotiation, organisation, leadership and perseverance and in their thinking skills including reasoning, enquiry, creative thinking and evaluation.