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English 22/06

DAY 1- The Frog Prince. Watch the video about the Frog Prince and then use the sheet below to re-tell the story in your own words.

DAY 2- The Frog Prince descriptions. Have a look at the image below. On the second sheet, write noun phrases and similes to describe the setting and characters at the end of the story, after they are married.

DAY 3- Making predictions. What do you think happened to the Prince and Princess after they were married? Do you think they lived 'Happily Ever After'? Look at the worksheet below to make your predictions:

DAY 4- Watch the video of the story. How does the Frog Prince feel at the start of the story? How does he feel in the middle of the story? How does he feel at the end? Complete the emotions worksheet below. Make sure you write what part of the story you are referring to.

DAY 5- Describing a character. Today you will describing the Frog Prince. What is he like? How does he feel in his new life? Why does he run away? Use the worksheet below to help you: