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EYFS curriculum

EYFS Curriculum

At Coppetts Wood School we follow the national EYFS Framework. The vast majority of both state and private schools follow the EYFS Curriculum which includes the four guiding principles and seven areas of learning. The values which underpin all provision are grouped into four guiding principles which form the context for the seven areas of learning. These are carefully planned for by teachers and form our EYFS curriculum. At Coppetts Wood School we follow the principles of the EYFS while extending and enriching the curriculum to best suit our children.

Four Guiding Principles

A Unique Child

At Coppetts Wood School we recognise that each child is an individual learner. We encourage children to become capable, resilient, confident and self-assured by ensuring each individual is valued for their unique character, abilities, interests and cultural heritage.

We believe that every area of children’s development is equally important and provide an environment where children’s needs and interests are central. We take into account children’s range of life experiences when planning for their learning. By working closely with parents and families, we aim to provide a safe environment where children feel secure and are able to trust that an adult is available to meet their needs and support their development, whether at home or school. Children’s health impacts enormously on their emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual well-being.  We encourage children to develop healthy practices and support their independence.

Positive Relationships

Each child in the EYFS at Coppetts Wood School has key staff members who respectfully acknowledge and support their learning, needs and feelings, and those of their family. Usually, the key staff members for children are their class teacher and learning support assistant (LSA). This helps us provide an environment so that children learn to be strong and independent through the formation of secure, warm and trusting relationships with each unique child and their family.

Enabling Environments

At Coppetts Wood School we believe that stimulating and safe indoor and outdoor learning environments which encourage children’s independence are central to their learning and development. We observe children in order to tune into their interests, needs and abilities and use these to underpin our planning. A rich and varied environment is carefully planned to ensure all children learn and develop well, are engaged and making progress at their own pace. Children develop the confidence to explore in the safe, yet challenging environment that Coppetts Wood School offers. We believe that working as a team with external agencies and professionals is essential and benefits the children significantly. There will be a strong partnership between staff and parents and carers.

Development and Learning

The EYFS curriculum is made up of seven areas of learning and development. At Coppetts Wood School we plan for each of the seven areas and are committed to supporting each individual child, including children with special educational needs and disabilities, to learn through play and exploration as well as by setting appropriate tasks to challenge each child in their learning journey. We encourage creative and critical thinking by making sure a wide range of resources is available to the children and that links are made between the areas of learning so children are able to transfer and generalise their knowledge and skills.