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The main language we study at Coppetts Wood is French.  We aim for children to:

- develop an enthusiastic and positive attitude to other languages and language learning

- appreciate that language learning is a skill for life

- understand and respond to spoken and written French.

- speak with increasing confidence, fluency and accurate pronunciation

- write from a model, using basic grammatical structures

- read and appreciate a range of writing in French

- make links with English vocabulary and grammar which will deepen their understanding of both languages

- acquire language learning strategies that will form a sound basis for further language learning at KS3 and beyond.



French is taught as a coherent programme from Year 1 to Year 6 by a specialist language teacher.  Each class from Year 1 upwards has a half  hour weekly French lesson which focuses on speaking, listening, reading, writing, knowledge about language and language learning strategies. There is a planned curriculum which introduces a new topic to each class every half term as detailed in the curriculum map.  Lessons are structured so that new vocabulary is always introduced orally; once the children are secure with pronunciation, they familiarise themselves with the written form.  New vocabulary is embedded through games, songs, conversation, role play, video clips and reading and writing activities. Revision of previous topics is built in through starter activities which also enable children joining the school after Year 1 to master previously taught vocabulary.  Children also learn how to use dual language dictionaries.  Learning in all four key areas is structured so that children progress from individual words to sentences to paragraphs.  This is in line with Grades 1-3 of the Language Ladder.

We also hold an annual French event (e.g. market) where children can put their language learning into practice.



Each child has their own French folder which they maintain during their time at Coppetts Wood.  This serves as a record of the topics covered and also of each child’s individual attainment and progression.  At the end of each topic, the language teacher assesses each child’s competency in all four areas, speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Individual progress is recorded and used to inform future teaching. Any children above or below expectation are noted and if appropriate, given additional support in future sessions.