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Friday 26.2.21

Please retell Jeff Kinney's biography in a creative (informal) way - like you're storytelling!

Magpieing Ideas!

Use these to help you write your informal biography about Jeff Kinney. Tell me about his life by writing it like a story!

The words that are in blue are parts that you need to change to suit the person you're writing about.


Sentence Openers   

At the end of July in 1965

…a baby was born.   

As a child, she loved to tell stories 

By the time J.K Rowling was five 

The illness shocked the family…   

Little did she know  

Jo was torn apart  

Then, one rainy night in London



Interesting storytelling Clauses   

She had mastered the art of storytelling  

Jo was entranced with the writing style  

but still she clung to the dream that one day she would be a writer  

This was where the magical idea struck like a lightning bolt.   

A way for Jo to channel all of her feelings about… 

…through her characters and her stories.  

She finally finished her work of art, the unpublished novel  

the manuscript (an unpublished book) landed in the hands of a man named Barry Cunningham 

He furiously scribbled down ideas

The story was exploding from her brain!


Colloquial Language / Humour examples 

She was an ordinary baby, by all accounts. 

She was not widely regarded as special or unique in any way.  

at least not yet anyway 

She couldn’t wait

How hard could that be? Answer: Hard!
and they loved it!
which seems absurd now! 

Rowling was a hit. 

Would it have happened if she had given up on her dream? Of course not! 

But the one that sticks out the most is

Her English teachers transfigured into Professor Snape!  

(who never much wanted to hear them!) 


Repetition / Emphasising

Jo wrote and wrote and wrote.  (repetition)

So, each day she went to work and each day she wrote diligently