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The Governing Body


Who Are We?

The Governing Body is made up of 16 people, who have a collective responsibility for the way Coppetts Wood Primary School and Children's Centre is run.

School governors provide a voluntary service to the school, and attend at least 3 meetings per term, as well as training sessions on aspects relevant to their roles.  We visit classrooms during the school day, and perform school walkabouts looking at specific objectives. We also arrange group meetings with staff, help out at event days and are present to answer questions during school inspections.


The Governing Body is made up of:

5 Parent Governors - elected by the Parents

1 Local Authority Governor - appointed by Barnet

7 Co-opted Governors - chosen by other members of the Governing Body for their special skills

2 Staff Governors - the Head Teacher and one other elected member of staff. 

Governing Body Members

Picture 1 Bruce McGill Chair of Governors (Parent Governor)
Picture 2 Maria Brookes-Labonne Chair Learning & Teaching
Picture 3 Tom Mason – Chair Finance and Premises
Picture 4 Liz Purkis – Chair Children and Community
Picture 5 Mahnvir Singh (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 6 Maria Anastase Vice Chair/Chair of Staffing
Picture 7 Sarah Deale (Head teacher)
Picture 8 Julie Locke (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 9 Lisa Ruggeri (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 10 Amanda Allen (Staff Governor)
Picture 11 Cllr Arjun Mittra Safeguarding Lead (LA Governor)
Picture 12 Sandra Greenyer Non-voting observor
Picture 13 Anna McKinven (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 14 Alan Bevan (Co-opted Governor)
Picture 15 Elliot Moore (Parent Governor)

Diana Roberts-Whiley  (Parent governor)    

Faramade Alawaye – Non Voting Observer


Where can I find a Governor?

You will find Governors at most school events

  • Open evenings
  • Parent/Teacher consultations
  • PTA Fundraising events
  • Class Assemblies

If you don’t know who we are - do ask a member of staff.

Governors love to chat! Come and introduce yourself.

Any good ideas? We always welcome new ideas.  Don’t just talk about a good idea to your friends - tell us!

You can contact us directly, leave a note for us in the school office.


What does the Governing Body do?

Together with the Head Teacher and staff, we support the fundamental ethos at Coppetts Wood - to nurture and increase the potential of each child.  We work with the staff to continually raise standards.

The Governing Body…...

  • is accountable to parents, carers, children, staff and to the wider community for the performance of the school
  • works with the school to plan the future direction and it’s continual improvement
  • appoints the Head Teacher and assists with the appointment of senior staff
  • ensures that the school adheres to the National Curriculum
  • helps decide how the school can encourage the pupils’ spiritual, moral, physical and cultural development
  • ensures that the school provides for all its children, including those with special needs, gifted and talented pupils and pupils from ethnic minorities as well as those new to the English Language
  • interprets directives from The Government


How do we keep you informed?

By sending out a termly newsletter

By letter or information in the school newsletter

By information posted on the Governor Board (at school reception)

On the Governor noticeboard you will find:

1)  Minutes of the most recent meeting

2)  General Information

3)  Details of the Governors

4)  Photos of the Governors

Minutes of past meetings are in a folder in the school reception.

Governing Body Commitees

The Full Governing Body meets four times a year. The Committees meet in between each of the main meetings and Chairs of these committees report back to the Full Governing Body at each meeting.

The Learning and Teaching Committee
Learning and Teaching Committee Members:  Headteacher, Lisa Ruggeri, Maria Brookes-Labonne, Mahnvir Singh, Diana Roberts-Whiley. Liz Purkis, Elliot Moore and Deputy Headteacher (non-voting).

 1) To contribute towards the School Improvement Plan with a view to raising standards.

2) To monitor the implementation of the SIP with the assistance of curriculum subject co-ordinators.

3) To monitor the Target Setting process.

4) To review all statutory and curriculum subject policies and make recommendation.

Finance and Premises Committee

Finance, Premises and Lettings Committee Members:  Headteacher, Tom Mason (Chairperson), Bruce McGill, Mahnvir Singh, Cllr. Arjun Mittra, Amanda Allen, Maria Anastase and Deputy Headteacher (non-voting).

1) To consider the proposed budget as drawn up by the Head Teacher and to adopt it with any agreed amendments.

2) To present the annual budget to the Governing Body for approval.

3) To monitor expenditure against budget and evaluate outcomes.

4) To monitor expenditure in light of the school Improvement Plan and evaluate outcomes.

5) To receive regular reports on the state of the School premises and recommendations on work to be done.

The Staffing Committee

Staffing Committee Members: Headteacher, Maria Anastase (Chairperson), Bruce McGill,Tom Mason, Cllr. Arjun Mittra, Alan Bevan  and Deputy Headteacher (non-voting).

1) To achieve the aims of the school’s policies relating to staff in a fair and equal manner.

2) To agree with the head teacher a staffing structure for the school that meets the aims of the School Improvement Plan.

3) To contribute and monitor the School Improvement Plan in the area of staffing.

4) To review regularly policies relating to staffing.

5) To observe all statutory and contractual obligations, to minute clearly the reasons for all decisions and report these decisions to a full meeting of the governing body.To recommend to the governing body the budget for pay.

6) To apply the criteria set by the whole school pay policy in determining the pay of each member of staff at the Annual Pay Review.

7) To ensure that awards are made without discriminationto monitor the overall distribution of awards and the impact of the policy.

8) To appoint governors to determine the pay of the Head Teacher and to appoint and work with the external School Improvement Partner to carry out the appraisal of the head teacher.



The Children and Community Committee
Children and Community Committee Members:  Liz Purkis (Chairperson), Diana Roberts-Whiley, Sarah Deale, Elliot Moore, Maria Brookes-Labonne, Julie Locke and Sandra Greenyer as a non-voting observer.

1) To monitor the work of the Children's Centre.

2) To oversee all aspects of safeguarding, welfare and inclusion

3) To monitor attendance

4) To review all relevant policies regularly.

Other Roles Fulfilled by Governors

Safeguarding Governor:  Cllr Arjun Mittra
Governor responsible for Inclusion and Children in care - Diana Roberts-Whiley
Health and Safety - Tom Mason
GDPR - Bruce McGill

Appointment of Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher:  A selection panel is agreed by the Full Governing Body as and when required - Governing Bodies may wish to specify categories of governor to be involved prior to new appointments arising.  The Headteacher would be involved in the appointment of a Deputy Head. 

Governors involved in recruiting members of staff will have attended Safer Recruitment Training to help ensure that all applicants have undergone the appropriate police checks and screening process prior to an appointment being made.
Headteacher Performance Panel:  (Chairperson, plus one governor, plus one reviewer) Maria Anastase, Bruce McGill and Tom Mason.
Appointment of Senior Leadership Team (not including Deputy Headteacher):  Headteacher plus one Governor.  Short-listing as above.
Dismissal/Grievance/Disciplinary/Appeal: 3 Governors to be selected from, with the proviso that they had not taken part in any previous discussions related to the issue in question:
Bruce McGill, Tom Mason, Liz Purkis  and Cllr Arjun Mittra (Named Clerk:  tba)


Staff Dismissal/Appeal: 

(as and when required), Bruce McGill, Tom Mason, Liz Purkis and Cllr Arjun Mittra (Named Clerk:  tba)

Complaints Committee:  Bruce McGill,  Liz Purkis, Elliott Moore Maria Anastase or any other govenor if limited availability (three to be selected to sit at any one time)
Statutory Pupil Discipline Committee:  Bruce McGill, Liz Purkis, Alan Bevan or any other govenror if limited availability (panel of 3 to be selected from for the purpose of exclusion:  Named Clerk:  tba)

In the event of an appeal by a member of staff or a parent, or if a complaint requires further escalation, the matter will be dealt with by the first committee, then if necessary escalated to the second committee for a final decision.
First Committee: Tom Mason, Maria Anastase and Bruce McGill.
Second Committee: Liz Purkis, Mahnvir Singh and Alan Bevab.
Class Link Governors:  
Nursery:                   Maria Anastase
Reception:                 Bruce McGill
Year 1:                      Diana Roberts-Whiley
Year 2:                      Liz Purkis
Year 3:                         
Year 4:                      Cllr Arjun Mittra,
Year 4:                      Tom Mason
Year 5:                       Maria Brookes-Labonne
Year 6:                       Mahnvir Singh

Children’s Centre:   Liz Purkis
Should a committee member be unable to attend a meeting, the Headteacher may call upon any other governor who was available.  However, it must be made clear in the minutes of the committee meeting that the reserve governor was taking the place of a specific governor who was unable to attend the meeting.