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Hello from Mrs W

Hi there, gorgeous Griffins!
How are you all doing? I must say, I’m missing seeing all your lovely smiley faces, but I hope you’re all well and happy - and of course, working hard!
It’s been great to see all the people from our class who’ve been getting special mentions from Mrs Ogle/Mrs Barrett! Are you enjoying Mrs Barrett’s Friday story assembly? I am - especially “ The Smeds and the Smoos”. Did you guess that Janet and Bill’s baby would be purple?
And speaking of funny things like that, has anyone come up with any jokes for me? I do hope so ... if you have, keep them safe to bring into school when you do come back. If you need a bit of prompting, here’s a couple of silly jokes to get you thinking ...  Which dinosaur had the best vocabulary?😊  And - What kind of tree fits in your hand?😂
Can’t wait to see you all! Bye for now!

Mrs W
(1) The thesaurus 😊      (2) A palm tree 😂