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Our Value this month is 'Creativity.'  This is the quality of being creative and could include: thinking up new and innovative ideas, producing original designs, solving problems in creative ways or being imaginative. Our new Concept Curriculum will be full of ways for the children to learn and be creative! 


This week in Assembly, we will be exploring the story that is linked below. Different year groups then focussed on the following questions to feedback to the rest of the school: 


EYFS:  What do you like most in the story? 

Year 1:  What do you think the moral of the story is? 

Year 2: If you have a new idea at school, how does it make you feel?  

Year 3: How did the boy feel when he tried to tell others about his idea? What did they do? 

Year 4: What do you think the idea could have been? 

Year 5: What might stop you from trying out a new idea? 

Year 6:  Who can you think of that had an amazing idea that changed the world? Recently or in the past? 


Perhaps you can talk more about the story at home! 


We have been talking lots about Creative talent! We have used the opportunity of the Tokyo Olympics to think about all the creative talent that must go into running such a huge event as this! 


The children have explored organizational talents, hospitality, architecture, advertising, teamwork and athletic talent! So much creativity in one event! 


The children were asked to think about what their creative talent might be and how to develop this further!