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Week 1 


This month, our new value is Self-Belief. Please watch the short Disney animation below called 'Piper'. Either at home, or with your class in school, think about:


  • Piper is scared of the waves at the beginning of the story. How would you encourage her to return and try again?
  • Have you ever overcome one of your fears? How would you help somebody else to overcome their own fears?
  • In the animation, Piper shows a huge amount of self belief to keep going back to the waves again and again. Think of occasions when you have had to show self belief - when was this and what did you do? 

Week 2 and 3


Our next animation is titled 'Soar.' Please find a link to watch it below. At school or at home discuss the following ideas: 


- What advice would you give the girl at the start of the film? Why would you give her this advice?

- How do the two characters show self belief as they try and fix the aircraft? 

- How do you think they felt when they succeeded? 

- What do you think the moral of this story is?