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Topic 1: Waste

The first topic the Eco Team decided to focus on was WASTE. They noticed that some classrooms and communal areas did not have recycling bins and that staff and children were sometimes unsure of what could be recycled. They also thought teachers did too much photocopying. Our caretaker also moaned about how many paper towels were being used in the school!


In school council groups the Eco Team presented their findings and showed them the PowerPoint below. They then challenged their class to work out what items could be recycled from a selection they took into class.


The Eco Team also thought it would be a great idea to hold a 2nd Hand clothes and toy sale. 


Positive Outcomes


Recycling bins were placed in each classroom and in more communal areas including the staff kitchen. They were all clearly labelled.


Both staff and pupils are much more aware about recycling and have been passing the message on to their families.

The children are now encouraged to use the hand dryers instead of paper towels - our caretaker noticed the improvement!


All the staff now have code they need to use for the photocopier. This has reduced the amount of photocopying significantly.


Well done Coppetts Wood!


Next Steps:


The 2nd hand clothes and toy sale has been postponed due to the pandemic. We still hope to run this event when restrictions are lifted.


We also still need to make sure we are composting the fruit leftovers from each class. Our wooden compost bin needs repairing, once that is done the Eco Team will organise leftovers to be collected and composted in our raised bed area.


You can find out more here about what you can recycle and where: