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Topic 2: Marine / Plastic

Next the Eco Team felt it was very important to address the problem of plastic and how this can effect our lakes, rivers and oceans.


In order to educate the whole school about the problem the Eco Team voiced over our very own animated version of the book 'A Planet Full of Plastic' by Neil Layton and this was played to everyone in assembly.


In school council groups after watching the video all the children were invited to come up with ways we could reduce plastic in school and at home. There were a lot of fantastic suggestions which helped us come up with the following plan:


Plastic Action Plan

1. We want to ban all plastic bottles in school from after half term

2. We want to change our school trip policy so that children are asked to bring a rucksack or re-usable bag rather than a plastic bag

3. We want to ask children who have packed lunch at school or on trips to reduce plastic packaging as much as they can and the same for staff who bring in their own lunch

4. We want all children in the school to look after resources as carefully as they can e.g. whiteboard pens, glue sticks, footballs

5. We want to start a collection for some difficult to recycle plastic items in the school such as pens and toothbrushes.

6. We want children to let their parents know about the plastic problem and give them ideas about how they can help; for example, buying fruit and vegetables loose

7. We want teachers and TAs to laminate less and make sure they re-use any they have done


Positive Outcomes


Seth wrote to the Headteacher asking her to change the rule for school trips which said you had to bring lunch in a plastic bag which was then thrown away. The Headteacher agreed and now the school trip letter says you must bring in a re-usable lunchbox!


The Eco-Team did a survey of how many re-usable water bottles were used in each class after we promoted them. Nearly all children made the switch within 2 weeks! On return to school in September 2021 all pupils were given a school re-usable water bottle.


Each class is collecting pens of all shapes and sizes to be recycled at Rymans in Muswell Hill.


Staff have all pledged to reduce laminating.


Before Christmas all classes found out about how they could have a more environmentally friendly Christmas. Hatim in the Eco Team requested that we have plastic free crackers this year. Mrs Barratt agreed!