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Week 2 Hello

Hello Griffins,


Week 2 of home learning completed! Well done, everybody. You should be proud of yourselves and your achievements. I do hope that you and your family are all safe and well. It has been lovely to hear from you.


By now, you should have logged on to the websites and tackled the tasks that were set for you. If you still have not attempted the tasks, please try to catch up with us, ready to tackle the Summer term after the Easter break. Do contact me via the website or by email if you are having problems accessing the websites.


This week’s ‘SHOUT OUTS:


Whole School Physical Challenge:


WOW! Congratulations Emma for completing such a creative obstacle course. Check out Emma in action in her video. (You will find it in the Whole School Challenge link under the class page links.)



So Pandora Class won last week’s battle, but this week you came back fighting. And what a battle!!!  


A HUGE thank you to this week’s players:

Zara, Robert, Yaseen, Piotr, Andrei, Maisam, Emma, Imad, Maram, Jack, Marley, Kai and Luke

You did it! You took Robin Hood by surprise and are well on the way to winning the battle. Well done!

Glad to see more of you Griffins joining in the challenge. I can’t wait for the week when we all participate together in the battle. What a battle that would be! Encourage your Griffin friends to join in.

Look out for the Easter holiday battle. Who will it be against?...



Andrei, Emma, Piotr, Sidem, Maisam, Pratap, Saida, Sidem and Zara


Well done for completing the test. That was a SUPER effort! Now please have another go at the questions you got wrong, then check the answers and read the explanation or guidance so that you learn from it.


Active Learn Grammar:

Seth, Pratap, Jessica, Maisam, Emma, Diego, Najma and Andrei


Well done for completing some or all of the set tasks on Active Learn this week.





Well done for completing, typing up and sending your Alma story to me. I really enjoyed reading it.


Holiday Home Learning:

No new work will be allocated over the Spring break. Instead, try to complete the work that already has been set for you if you have not done so already, then enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Keep reading, though. Have a go at the Whole School Challenges which you will find below the class pages link. Fun activities will be uploaded there for you to enjoy.


Have you completed your Alma story? If so, I would love to read it. Please type it up when you get a chance and email it to me via the webpage. If you are not able to type it up and email it, please keep it safe and hand it in when we get back to school. I am hoping to receive most of the stories from our class by the end of the Easter holidays.


And now for a well-deserved Spring break.


Enjoy spending time with your family. Continue to practise our class’s favourite school value – KINDNESS. It helped us get through some tough times as a class and appreciate each other more; it will help you and your family too in these tough times.


Look out for my next letter which I will upload on the website and email to you at the beginning of the summer term.


Keep well, keep safe, and enjoy the spring break – not too many Easter eggs.




Mrs Ogle