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Forest School

Welcome to Coppetts Wood Primary School's Forest School page.
Our Forest School sessions are where we embrace the six principles that make this outdoor learning experience an integral part of our children's natural world education.
Long-Term, Regular Process: Our Forest School lessons go beyond one-off visits. They are a continuous journey, providing children with an embedded understanding of the natural world through regular and extended exposure to the outdoors.
Developing a relationship with nature: We offer a natural woodland space for all participants, fostering a connection with the environment. Through exploration and interaction with the outdoors, children develop a deep appreciation for the natural world.
Holistic Approach to Learning: Forest School provides holistic learning experiences, cultivating resilience, confidence, and independence in our students. This approach sparks creativity and a lasting love for learning in the embrace of nature.
Supported Risk-Taking: Within the Forest School environment, children are encouraged to take supported risks appropriate to their surroundings and personal abilities. This allows them to develop a sense of responsibility and judgement.
Qualified Practitioners: Our Forest School sessions are facilitated by qualified practitioners who bring expertise and a passion for outdoor education. This ensures a safe and enriching experience for all participants.
Learner-Led Sessions: Forest School is a place where children lead their learning journey. This learner-led approach fosters observation, reflection, and a community of independent development among our children.
Forest School - a place where education meets nature, fostering fun, creativity, and hands-on activities like cooking over a fire, using tools, and exploring the endless possibilities of nature's resources!



The Forest School ethos consists of following the 6 Forest School principles and applies to and throughout Early Years, KS1, ARP 1, KS2 and ARP 2. 
These include:  
  • Principle 1 - Forest School sessions being a long-term, regular process, rather than infrequent one-off visits, allowing the children to have an embedded understanding of the outdoor and natural world. 
  • Principle 2 – To provide a natural woodland space for all participants/learners to develop a relationship with the natural world environment. 
  • Principle 3 – Providing our children with opportunities to promote a holistic approach to learning, which will enrich the children with resilience, confidence, and independence and generate a love of creativity while in nature. 
  • Principle 4 – Forest School and its environment will allow the children to take supported risks which are appropriate to their environment and themselves. 
  • Principle 5 – Forest School sessions are facilitated by qualified Forest School practitioners. 
  • Principle 6 – Our Forest School sessions are learner-led, which allows for observation and reflection by all facilitators, and creates a community of independent development for our children.