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Our Nurture Group

Our Nurture Group has been carefully designed to reflect the best of both the classroom and a home environment.   It is designed to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent, predictable and safe place for children.  We offer a balance between educational and domestic experiences aimed at supporting the development of the children’s relationship with each other and with the staff. 
The group follows the six principals of Nurture:
  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
  • The classroom offers a safe base.
  • The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing.
  • Language is a vital means of communication.
  • All behaviour is communication.
  • The importance of transition in children’s lives.
The Nurture Group will have a group of similarly aged children and runs for 1-4 terms, depending on each child’s individual needs.  Each group consists of up to 12 children who are carefully brought together to make a balanced and functional group.  The Nurture Group continues the ethos of an already nurturing environment within Coppetts Wood Primary School and to raise the children’s emotional well-being, self-esteem, resilience and sense of belonging.  We provide a structured routine with clear boundaries so the children feel safe and secure.
There are many reasons a teacher may identify a child in their class that may benefit from the Nurture provision: low self-esteem; family illness or break up; bereavement; finding it hard to settle into class; friendship difficulties-keeping/making friends; quiet, shy, withdrawn or finding it hard to listen and/or join in.  This list is not endless.
The group follow a structure and routine that is clear to both children and all adults.  All sessions start with a meal and include group listening and speaking, a curriculum based learning activity and stories.  Each session also has a planned activity which is directly connected to the areas highlighted by the Boxall Profile.  These can include role play, drama, art, music, cooking, gardening, play, exploring emotions and feelings and supporting each other.
Each child has the opportunity to choose a job within the group, these roles change weekly.  The jobs range from taking the register to laying the table, taking the orders for toast and washing up.
Parents are encouraged to contact staff throughout their child’s time in the Nurture Group to discuss their child’s progress.


Meet the team



Claudia Valencia (Nurture Lead)



 Kerry Bliss