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School Values

What are our school values?

We want to support our children to be creative learners, work hard and persevere and succeed. For our children to be successful means more than just a subject specific curriculum made up of English, maths, history, geography etc. and a set of static school rules.  It means thinking about:

· Relationships— at all levels in the school and in the community

· Standards—of achievement and of behaviour

· School Ethos—and all those words relating to personal responsibility like honesty, determination and fairness, creativity, perseverance and tolerance. These qualities can make children more or less successful and more or less happy as they move forward in their lives. We, therefore, recognise that our role is not only to educate minds but also character, emotion, imagination and spirit.  These do not form part of the published national curriculum, but without them, children’s success and happiness are less likely to be achieved. Our values focus has been an integral part of this wider focus and provide a shared vocabulary and understanding.


The children were involved in reviewing our values approach and chose the values they feel are most important to them in their learning and in their relationships and what might help them learn about them.

Our 12 school values form the 'roots' of our curriculum and cover the aspects of a values based education - personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural.